The Ghost That Solved Its Personal Homicide

There had been many instances of spirits returning to relay messages to the residing, however none could also be as peculiar -- or as historic -- because the case of Zona Heaster Shue's spirit, often referred to as the Greenbriar Ghost. In probably the most outstanding instances on U.S. courtroom data, Zona spoke from her grave, revealing no longer simplest how she died -- however at whose hand. … [Read more...]

Information: Spirit Liberate Remedy, Lady Performs Miracles, Historic Hammer

Paranormal information and views for April 5, 2014:Spirit unencumber remedy now has a spot in psychologists' workplaces What if you might want to conjure a ghost along with your thoughts? Can this eight-yr-outdated truly operate miracles? Used to be this hammer made a hundred million years in the past? Emma Stone obsessive about ghosts One thing spooky is occurring in British … [Read more...]

Information: Thriller Triangle Craft, Indignant Ghost, Psychic Detectives

Paranormal information and views for April 1, 2014:Thriller airplane flying over Texas baffles aviation consultants City corridor haunted by using ghost with an offended face Visitors touched in haunted wine tasting room Amy Bruni deals recommendation for brand spanking new paranormal investigators Landlord loses lawsuit in haunted home case The mysterious "white mice" of Loch Ness: … [Read more...]

April Your Real Stories

The newest of proper paranormal experiences... ghost hauntings, poltergeist process, implausible premonitions, terrifying creatures, angels and demons, together with:Creature Claws Beneath the Door Missing Time at the Gas Station Phantom Car Passed Through Us Giant Spider-like Creature The Haunted Cadaver Psychic Dream of Murder Angel Saved Friend from Fatal Accident Mom's Ghost Demands … [Read more...]